Vintage Tata Advertising And Publicity

Tata Central Archives showcased its thirty-seventh thematic exhibition on “Tata Vintage Advertising and Publicity”, reflecting the Tata journey up to 1990.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Harish Bhat, Brand Custodian, Tata Sons and Mr. F.N. Subedar, Chairman, Tata Services in the presence of a distinguished audience on July 28, 2018.

The advertisements displayed include Nation at Heart (Make in India), Giving Back to Society (CSR), Inspirational Narratives (National), Harmonious Relations, Focus on Fashion (Tata Textiles), Grandeur at its Best (Indian Hotels), Fortified with Steel (Tata Steel), Lighting up Lives (Tata Power), Desiring the Best (Tata Oil Mills Company), Feel Beautiful (Lakme), Flying High (Tata Airlines), On the Road to Progress (Tata Motors), Manifold Businesses (Other Tata companies), Will to Win (Sports), and One Brand Many Facets, among others.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Harish Bhat said, “As I have been reflecting on the advertisements that you will see today, and the advertisements that I am aware of, I think, one of the first key themes that flows though all Tata Advertising and the most memorable Tata group advertising has been nation building and community. You will see that in many of the advertising today. At the second level I think commitment to community. You will also see advertisements about made in India. That spirit of community building and nation building and enhancing a progressive mind set, I am happy to say has continued into modern Tata advertising till today and I believe it should be the soul of our advertising going forward.”

Mr. F.N. Subedar, said, “We have national self-sufficiency which is so much ingrained into the Tata DNA, which came down from Jamsetji. Slogans and by-lines which we use today, “Make in India”, is what Jamsetji wanted and that is why he brought steel and power to India. He wanted to bring to society, something that is ingrained into us, today we call it CSR.”

Through over 200 simple and memorable advertisements, the exhibition takes you back in time and showcases how Tata Companies adapted to the changes in technology, to inevitable and constant competitive pressures, to growing retail demands, with the guiding principle of “Nation Building” always at heart.

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