Tata Personalities (1877 – 1938)

F.N. Subedar, Chairman, Tata Services Ltd. inaugurated this exhibition on November 15, 2014 at the Tata Central Archives, Pune. Among the guests present at the inauguration were Ms. Roda Bilimoria Desai, the granddaughter of Sir Ardeshir Dalal and Pesi Padshah, the grand-nephew of Burjorji Padshah.

The exhibition features over 30 individuals who had the faith and the conviction to inspire generations to come. They built the Tata organisation brick by brick and relentlessly toiled to script a priceless legacy. The exhibition includes personalities like Sir Bezonji D. Mehta, Sir Homi P. Mody, Sir Jehangir Ghandy, Jehangir D. Choksi, J.A.D. and K.A.D. Naoroji, K.P. Mehta, Sir Sorab Saklatvala and many more individuals who played a prominent role in the Tata organisation.

The exhibition also features personalities such as Charles Page Perin, Julian Kennedy, C.M. Weld and others whose efforts and contributions collectively helped build The Tata Iron and Steel Co. Ltd. Similarly, David Gostling, Alfred Dickenson and others who helped in establishing The Tata Hydro-Electric Co. Ltd. are also featured. Although they were not directly employed by the Tatas, their efforts and contributions were of primary importance.

F.N. Subedar Chairman, Tata Services Ltd., inaugurating the exhibition on Tata Personalities (1877-1938)

Guests going around the exhibition

Pesi Padshah, the grand - nephew of Burjorji Padshah (one of the Tata personalities featured in the exhibition), reading the panel on Sir Sorab D. Saklatvala

Visitors engrossed in viewing the panel on K.A.D. and J.A.D. Naoroji

Children taking notes of some of the inspiration quotations

Tata employees on a tour of the exhibition

A view of the exhibition gallery with panels on the different personalities on display

A view of the exhibition gallery with panels on the different personalities on display

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