Dr. J.J. Bhabha

Tata Central Archives curated an exhibition on "Dr. J.J. Bhabha" on the occasion of his birth centenary. The exhibition was inaugurated by F.N. Subedar, Chairman, Tata Services Ltd. on November 15, 2014.

One of the founding fathers of the Tata Central Archives, Dr. J.J. Bhabha held a number of crucial positions in the Tata group. With indefatigable dedication and dynamic leadership, he was a valued and respected member of the senior team that steered the Tata group for over 60 years. He was associated with several Tata companies ranging from heavy industries, power generation, engineering, publishing, personnel management, social sciences, fundamental research and philanthropy.

The illustrious life and work of Dr. J.J. Bhabha were showcased through the following panels: Introduction; His Illustrious Family; The Family Connection; Inspiration and Strength; His Commitment; Portraits of Philanthropy; NCPA- The Premier Cultural Institute; Tata Heritage; An Outstanding Citizen and Accolades.

Mr. and Mrs. F.N. Subedar, reading the introductory panel of the exhibition

Visitors reading the panel on An Outstanding Citizen

Visitors keenly viewing the panel entitled His Illustrious Family

Visitors enjoying the Dr. J.J. Bhabha exhibition

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