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Sir Dorabji Tata’s stewardship were added

                                               an integrated steel plant – then the largest

                                               single unit in the British Empire – three

                                               electric power companies, a large edible oil

                                               and soap company, two cement

                                               companies, one of India’s leading

                                               insurance companies and an aviation unit

                                               pioneered by J.R.D. Tata. Meanwhile,

                                               Dorabji had also seen through the

                                               establishment of the Indian Institute of

Director’s visit to Sakchi - circa 1917.       Science, Bangalore, which was to
                                               spearhead scientific research in India for

programme in the post-war period. decades to come.

FROM THESpiraling costs, combined with transport

and labour difficulties in the West,

completely upset the price calculations.

Also, Tata Steel’s largest pig iron customer,

Japan, was struck by an earthquake and

COLLECTIONthe steel prices tumbled.
One day a telegram came from

Jamshedpur to say that there was not

enough money to pay the wages. Dorabji

and R.D. Tata went to the Imperial Bank
where Dorabji pledged his entire personal

OF THEfortune, including his wife’s 245.35 carat

Jubilee Diamond - ranked as one of the
world’s largest diamonds - twice as large
                                               Lord Sydenham, Governor of Bombay, Sir
as the Kohinoor, to obtain a loan.             Dorabji and Meherbai Tata and guests at
                                               the inaugural ceremony of the Walwan
                                               Dam, Lonavla - circa 1911.

                                                                    Proud as he was of these achievements,

TATA CENTRAL ARCHIVESIn the Central Legislative Assembly Motilal he never failed to give due credit to his
            Nehru and M.A. Jinnah both supported a father’s pioneering spirit. 'Kind fate,’ he

bounty in the form of a firm order for steel once noted, ‘has prompted me to help in

rails over the coming years. The first bringing to completion his (Jamsetji’s)

returns from expanded production came in inestimable legacy of service to the

and the Company got a breather and finally country.’

survived. Dorabji had grit; he had

confidence in the intrinsic soundness of In 1912, as the Institute at Bangalore was

the enterprise and took a calculated risk. getting on its feet, Dorabji offered it a

                                               donation as large as his father’s to

At the time of Jamsetji’s death, the Tata establish a School of Research in Tropical

enterprises comprised three textile mills Medicine. The then Director felt that the

and the Taj Mahal Hotel, Bombay. Under institute would divert from the purpose for
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