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                                  (1859 - 1932)

Sir Dorabji Tata the elder son of the          Victorian days, W. G. Grace.
Founder, Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata
(Founder of the House of Tata) was born        He returned to Bombay in 1879 and joined
on August 27, 1859 when Jamsetji was 20        St. Xavier’s College and obtained his B.A. in
years old.                                     1882.

                                       Instead of including Dorabji in his
                                       expanding business, Jamsetji encouraged
                                       him to broaden his experience, and first

           FROM THEgave him a stint at journalism. Later, he
                                       gave him independent charge of setting up
                                       a textile project in Pondicherry. Before long,
                                       he placed him at the Empress Mills,

           COLLECTIONJamsetji foresaw the industrial potential of
                                             Mysore State. It is on these visits that he
                                               came in close contact with the Bhabha

                                               family. H. J. Bhabha was the Inspector-

                                               General of Education, Mysore State and

                           OF THEthe moving spirit in the educational policy
                                               of the progressive State of Mysore.
                                               Jamsetji seems to have had a hand in the
Young Dorab - circa 1860.                      selection of Meherbai Bhabha, fondly

                                               called Mehri, as his daughter-in-law.

He attended the Proprietory High School in

            Bombay and was sent at the age of 16 to a At the age of 38, Dorabji married the

TATA CENTRAL ARCHIVESprivate tutor in Kent. At 18, he attended beautiful and much younger Meherbai
            Gonville and Caius College at Cambridge. Bhabha.

During the two years that he was at Mehri and Dorab - circa 1890.
Cambridge, he distinguished himself at

sports, winning colours at Caius for cricket,

rugger and soccer. He also played tennis

for his college, coxed his college boat, won

a number of sprint events and was a good


In addition to being a ‘blue’ for cricket at
Cambridge, Dorabji was a life-long admirer
of the renowned cricketer of those
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