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   Chairman, Tata Services Limited

   TATA CENTRAL ARCHIVES                                  on January 7, 1991. I vividly recall the presence of
            (TCA), the first business archives to be set  JRD Tata and other great men like NA Palkhivala
            up in India, has now become a benchmark       and JJ Bhabha at this event. I also remember
   for businesses wishing to conserve their past for      our first Archivist, AN Mambro, who was
   future generations. Since its inception 25 years       instrumental in setting up the initial collection
   ago, TCA has traversed a challenging and fulfilling    of documents at the office located at Fort,
   journey. As custodians of the Tata heritage, we        Bombay (now Mumbai).
   collect, catalogue, preserve and restore the rich      The next significant milestone was the move
   legacy of the Tata group for dissemination to          to the new TCA building in Pune on
   future generations.                                    February 13, 2001. This building was constructed
   TCA has been fortunate and privileged to have          under the personal supervision of JJ Bhabha. It
   been part of the 150-year legacy institutionalised     was designed in the same architectural style as
   by JN Tata, the Founder of the Tata group.             the Tata Management Training Centre (TMTC)
   JN Tata’s accomplishments were the fruits of a rich    heritage building in Pune.
   imagination, an innovative mind and an almost          TCA not only preserves the history of the group
   limitless range of interests. A man who was truly      but also strives to help future generations imbibe
   ahead of his time. A man who dreamt of hydro-          the Tata group’s culture and ethos. It was with this
   electricity for his beloved Bombay (now Mumbai)        very vision that TCA was set up on the campus of
   to address pollution, a malaise we grapple with        the TMTC. Participants of TMTC are encouraged
   even today. He desired a steel plant since he was      to spend some time at the Archives learning about
   convinced that ‘the nation which gains control         the rich history of the Tata group.
   of iron soon acquires the control of gold’. The        The restoration and set up of the JN Tata
   distribution of his wealth was carefully planned.      birthplace in Navsari, undertaken by TCA, has
   He invested his wealth for the industrialisation of    been a cherished and fulfilling moment. It all came
   India, as well as in trusts for various philanthropic  from the Collections that the Archives had, which
   schemes for the benefit of the country.                were put together by the team.
   TCA houses Records of this remarkable enterprise       The mobile exhibitions that have been curated
   that pioneer several industries in India, helping      over the last few years, showcasing JN Tata’s vision
   the country secure a prominent place in the league     to people around the country, especially to the
   of industrialised nations.                             youth, is another facet of TCA that stands out.
   I consider it a great privilege to be a part — in a    The exhibitions have been taken to his birthplace,
   small way — of TCA’s 25-year journey right from        Navsari; to Nagpur where he started his first
   its launch. I was part of the group of employees       venture and to his passion, the Indian Institute of
   present at the inauguration of the Archives held

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