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                                                           made at the inauguration of the Archives on 7th
                                                           January, 1991 at Bombay (Mumbai). The late
                                                           Dr. J.J. Bhabha who played a key role in the setting up
                                                           of TCA was also remembered. Participants also had
                                                           an opportunity to view a video and listen to the words
                                                           of the late Mr. R.M. Lala who was the driving force
                                                           behind setting up of the Archives, as well as the
                                                           speech made by Mr. R.N. Tata, recorded in 2001 at the
                                                           inauguration of the current TCA premises in Pune.

       Mr. F.N. Subedar, Chairman, Tata Services Ltd.     Mr. F.N. Subedar, then addressed the audience, stating
                       addressing the audience.           that the Archives were not just 25 years old, but as old
                                                          as the oldest records that it houses. He spoke about
Mr. F.N. Subedar said, “The Tata Central Archives is the  the relevance of TCA as an important resource centre.
custodian of the Tata Heritage. It gives me immense       He also stated that we should constantly strive for
pleasure to celebrate its twenty- fth year which is a
testament to the deep respect for the records, and to
capture their historical signi cance that J.R.D. Tata
desired to institutionalise.”

The inauguration of the exhibition was followed by
the one day symposium on “Collaborative Leadership”
which shed light on the evolution of archiving. It was
held at the “Takshashila” classroom at TMTC.

The symposium began with a welcome address by                  Representatives from several well-known archival,
Mr. Z.D. Mistry, Vice-President – Finance, Tata Services   museum and cultural institutions as well as some Tata
Ltd. He gave an overview of the 25 – year journey of        companies attended the symposium on “Collaborative
TCA.                                                        Leadership” commemorating the Silver Jubilee of TCA.
Participants, then had a rare opportunity to view a
video of J.R.D. Tata’s speech from the TCA Collections    setting new benchmarks. As an example, he
                                                          mentioned the latest precedent set by TCA, by
           Mr. Z.D. Mistry, Vice-President – Finance,     becoming the rst business archives in India to be
          Tata Services Ltd. welcoming the guests to      awarded the prestigious “Platinum Rating under
                                                          Indian Green Building Council's (IGBC) Existing
                              the symposium.              Building Operations and Maintenance Rating System”
                                                          on 28th November, 2016.

                                                          This address was followed by lectures by the three
                                                          guest speakers.

                                                          The key speaker Dr. (Mrs.) Godrej, addressed the
                                                          participants on “Taking Corporate History To The

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