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                                                                                                          VOL. XIII, ISSUE 2, 2016


                                                                                  and Mr. T.R. Doongaji, Hon. Advisor, TCA, also
                                                                                  graced the occasion with their presence.

                                                                      Guests and participants from outside Pune
                                                                      arrived on 9th December. Celebrations began in
                                                                      the evening, with a get together on the lawns of
                                                                      TMTC, followed by dinner. This gave all the
                                                                      participants an opportunity to acquaint
                                                                      themselves with each other. It was a rare
                                                                      occasion when Archivists from all over the
                                                                      country were present at one location.

             Dr. (Mrs.) Pheroza Godrej, Chairperson, Godrej Archives  The celebration on 10th December, began with
               Council inaugurating the Tata Central Archives Silver  the inauguration of the Tata Central Archives
                                    Jubilee Exhibition.               Silver Jubilee Exhibition at TCA. Speaking on the
                                                                      occasion Dr. (Mrs.) Godrej said, “This is a
On 7th January, 2016 the Tata Central Archives (TCA),                 remarkable milestone for an institution that not
       A Division of Tata Services Ltd., celebrated its Silver        only showcases the genesis and history of the
Jubilee. To commemorate twenty- ve years of inspiring and             Tata group, but also highlights in parallel the
motivating generations, Tata Services Ltd. organised an event         integral role that the group has played in India's
for members of the archival and museum fraternity from all            industrialisation. The Tata Central Archives has
over India. The event was held on 9th and 10th December,              created this opportunity that will allow future
2016, at TCA and the Tata Management Training Centre                  generations to witness and relive the rich legacy
(TMTC), Pune.                                                         of the Tatas.”

Dr. (Mrs.) Pheroza Godrej, Chairperson, the Godrej Archives           CONTENTS                            01
Council, was the chief guest on this occasion. She
inaugurated the exhibition and was the key speaker at the             Tata Central Archives Celebrates
symposium. Mr. F.N. Subedar, Chairman, Tata Services Ltd.,            25 Glorious Years

                                                                      Tata Family Properties (1822-1965)  07

                                                                      Jamsetji N. Tata Moving Exhibition, Nagpur 15

                                                                      Jamsetji N. Tata Moving Exhibition, Bengaluru 20

                                                                      TCA Receives Platinum Rating From   24
                                                                      The Indian Green Building Council

                                                                      New TCA Website                     24
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