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“Victoria Louise”.
                                      Mehri could satisfy her passionate
                                      love of travel, sport, the theatre, and
                                      music without a thought as to the
                                      expense involved. Many a woman in
                                      such circumstances would have been
                                      content to enjoy the triumphs of the
                                      great society Lady. She, however,
                                      was made of different stuff. She had
                                      received a liberal education - unusual
                                      for those days, which she put to good
                                      use all through her life. She was
                            sensitive and concerned about the

FROM THEcondition of women.
                            Meherbai was one of the founders of
                                      the Bombay Presidency Women’s
                                      Council and the National Council of
                                      Women. She was consulted on the
Dorab and Meherbai were passionate
about sport, especially tennis – circa

                                      “Sarda Act”, designed to outlaw child
                                      marriage. She also campaigned for
                                      the higher education for women,
                                      against the purdah system and the
Mehri was always passionately fond practice of untouchability.
of outdoor life. Games especially
tennis had a great fascination for
her. She played in several

OF THEtournaments and won over sixty
prizes. She shared Dorabji’s love of
sport and won the “Triple Crown” in
the Western India Tennis
             Tournament. Together, they scored
             many successes in the All-India

TATA CENTRAL ARCHIVESChampionships. At Wimbledon, Meherbai at the International Council for
             Kissengen and Baden -Baden, Women - circa 1929.
besides nearly every important court
in India where she was a familiar With regard to women’s education,
figure. Her pride in her national she got full support from her
dress, “the saree”, drew an instant husband Dorab who encouraged her
response from many a spectator. She to take over the local school with the
was a good horse rider and drove her object of developing it into a model
own motor car. One of her great school. They brought an expert from
ambitions was to be amongst the England to survey the whole field of
first Indian women to fly and in girls education in India. This survey
September 1912, she went up for a took over a year and the book in
couple of hours in the Zeppelin, which it took form was for many
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