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7th January,  1991  at Bombay (now
                   '' The  Tata  Central Archives is
                  the custodian of the Tata Heritage.   Mumbai), a speech by RM Lala and RN
                  It  gives  me immense pleasure to
                                               Tata's speech in 2001  while inaugurating the
                  celebrate its 25th year which is a
                  testament to the deep  respect for   current premises of TCA in  Pune.
                  the  records,  and to  capture their
                                               FN Subedar, then addressed the audience,
                  historical  significance  that  JRD
      Tata desired to institutionalise.''      stating that the Archives were not just 25
                                               years old, but as old as the oldest records
                  Chairman - Tata Services Limited   that it houses.  He spoke about the relevance
                                               ofTCA as an important resource centre. He
    stated that we should constantly strive for setting new benchmarks.  He declared that the latest
    precedent set by TCA, by becoming the first business archives in  India to be awarded the
    prestigious Platinum Rating under the Indian Green Building Council's (IGBC) Green Existing
    Buildings Operations and Maintenance Rating System on 28th November, 2016, was an important
    landmark achieved in this direction.

    The address was followed by lectures by the three guest speakers.

    Dr Godrej, the key note speaker, spoke on "Taking Corporate History To The Future: Changing
    Role Of Business Archives." She gave an overview of the changing role of archives in a corporate
    setting, the importance of business history, the development of business archives in  India and the
    challenges faced, citing the example of the Godrej Archives.

    S Mukherjee, Director General and Secretary, Board of Trustees, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
    Vastu Sangrahalaya was the next speaker. He shared his thoughts on "Heritage - A Thread Of
    Continuity" wherein he explained the meaning, challenges and relevance of cultural heritage in
    modem society and its sustainability. He also described the role of museums, archives and libraries
    and their importance with the different communities living in the city.
    The final  speaker, S Girikumar, an eminent Indian Conservator, spoke on "Preserving the
    Memories - An Insight into a Conservator's World". He explained about the wide range of
    materials that comprise Archival Records.
    Through a pictorial presentation, he gave   ''This is a  remarkable
                                           milestone for an institution that
    examples of Archival Records and artefacts.
                                           not only showcases the genesis
    He highlighted the damages that one    and history of the Tata group,
    encounters and how these problems can be   but also highlights in parallel the
                                           integral role that the group has
    identified along with remedial measures that
                                           played in India's  industrialisation.
    can be adopted to protect and preserve   The Tata  Central Archives has created this
    Archival Records and artefacts.        opportunity that will allow future generations to
                                           witness and relive the rich legacy of the Tatas. ,,
    Representatives from  Delhi - National
                                                             Dr (Mrs) Pheroza Godrej
    Archives of India, Mumbai - Chhatrapati        Chairperson, Godrej Archives Council
    Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, Godrej

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