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Celebrating 25 Glorious Years

        Tata Central Archives (TCA) is the custodian of the Tata Heritage and is the central point of
        information for Tata companies. TCA, the first business archives to be established in India,
        in  1991,  completed  twenty-five  years on January  7,  2016. A  number of activities w ere
        organised as part of its Silver Jubilee celebrations.
                                                  To commemorate the completion of
                                                  twenty-five glorious years, Tata Services
                                                  Limited organised a two day event for
                                                  members from the archival, museum and
                                                  cultural fraternity from across the
                                                  country on the 9th and the  I 0th of
                                                  December, 2016, at the Tata Central
                                                  Archives (TCA) and the Tata
                                                  Management Training Centre (TMTC),
                                                  Dr (Mrs) Pheroza Godrej, Chairperson,
                                                  Godrej Archives Council, was the chief
                                                  guest on this occasion. F  Subedar,
                                                  Chairman, Tata Services Limited and
                                                  TR Doongaji, Honorary Advisor, TCA,
                                                  also graced the occasion with their

                                                  The celebrations kicked-off on the 9th
                                                  with a get-together on the lawns of
                                                  TMTC, followed by dinner.

                                                  The celebration on  l 0th December began
      Dr (Mrs) Pheroza Godrej inaugurating the Tata Central
                                                  with the inauguration of the Tata Central
     Archives Silver Jubilee Exhibition. Also seen in picture,
                                                  Archives Silver Jubilee Exhibition  at
               FN Subedar and TR Doongaji.
     The inauguration was followed by a day long symposium on "Collaborative Leadership" at

     ZD Mistry, Vice-President - Finance, Tata Services Limited welcomed the participants and set the
     context for the symposium.
     A few audio visuals and recordings from the TCA Collections were then played for the audience.
     These included the speech made by JRD Tata during the inauguration of the Archives on

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