Page 5 - TCA-AR-2016-2017
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     Greetings from the Tata Central Archives!

     It gives us immense pleasure in presenting the second issue of the Tata Central
     Archives Annual Review for the year 2016-17, our landmark Silver Jubilee year.
     Landmarks like Silver Jubilees, give us an opportunity to pause and look back at
     our achievements, activities and developments over the years. We are happy to
     feature a detailed narrative of our silver jubilee celebrations.

     The achievement of the Platinum Rating under the Indian Green Building
     Council's (IGBC) Green Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance Rating
     System was another symbolic milestone accomplished in our 25-year journey, the
     details of which are also included here.

     This issue also gives you a glimpse of the various developmental projects
     undertaken, exhibitions and other outreach programmes carried out.
     We hope you enjoy reading this informative and interesting issue of the Annual

     We take this opportunity to thank the Tata group management, Tata group
     companies and individuals for their support and encouragement in all our
     activities and endeavours.

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