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The First Green Archive In India

     Tata Central Archives (TCA) was awarded
                                                        '' The  Tata Central Archives  is
     the prestigious Platinum Rating under the          the custodian of the Tata
     Indian Green Building Council's (IGBC)             Heritage,  and receiving a
     Green Existing Buildings Operations and            platinum certification from IGBC
                                                        is  a proud milestone for us.
     Maintenance Rating System. Tt  is the first
                                                        We  have an added
     business archive in  India to bag this             responsibility to create  and
     prestigious honour.  Earlier, TCA was the first   maintain a  repository of  Tata  records  that will
                                            motivate  and inspire generations  to come. The
     business archive to receive the ISO
                                            state-of-the-art facilities preserve invaluable
     900 l :2000 certification.
                                            historical material  w hich  helps  understand the
                                            group ethos and appreciate the quality of the
     TCA has received this certification for
                                            people  who shaped  it. "
     continuously implementing measurable
     strategies and solutions in site and facility     Chairman - Tata Services Limited
     management, water-efficiency, energy-
     efficiency, health, comfort and innovation.

                                                           Some of the sustainable
                                                           practices followed at TCA
                                                           include the use of
                                                           materials and high energy-
                                                           efficiency equipment, green
                                                           house-keeping materials, use
                                                           of recyclable materials, low-
                                                           flow fi xtures and waterless
                                                           urinals, treatment of organic
                                                           waste-water and recycling it
                                                           for landscapes and irrigation,
                                                           LED lighting to decrease
        Installation of Water Treatment Plant to process waste water   energy use and a tie-up with
            which is then used for landscaping and irrigation.   SWaCH for the safe
                                                           processing of e-waste.
     Besides these environment-friendly measures, the on-site grid-tied solar photovoltaic (PY)
     installation promotes renewable energy and  meets nearly 20 per cent of the centre's annual power
     demand. A green policy has also been introduced to promote the conservation of resources.
     Continuous measurement and verification system has also led to savings in electricity, water and
     other resources.
     TCA has adopted various sustainable solutions and systems as part of the Indian Green Building

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